LASER 730 
The Laser Story
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LASER First transmissions were on 729khz; the station was to be called Laser 730 (January 1984 test are start with an antenna wire to a balloon).

Laser 730

On 18 January 1984, just before midnight, the first with helium filled balloon embarrassed. The next day one converts 09: 35 hours the 25 kW transmitter. The transmitter delivers the full power output to the 354 feet long antenna and frequency is 729 kHz medium wave. BBC RADIO 4 broadcast there on 720 kHz reduced one the ability to avoid problems. At 9: 40 pm the transmitter back off there the antenna cable is broken and the balloon the smoking heaven has chosen.

On 21 January 1984, at 4 am in the morning is the second balloon embarrassed with a new stronger antenna cable. There is briefly tested on 729 kHz with music of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles after which the transmitter back is turned off. At 11 am one switches the thing back to and is the official start of LASER 730 announced. The first plate is "Baby you're a rich man".

The day after this, however, again the antenna breaks and one is once again a 6000 $ expensive balloon. The shareholders decide to even $ 200,000 in the project to stop once. One decides to let the balloon antenna system for what it is and it is confirmed a T-antenna 40 feet between the two masts of the "mv COMMUNICATOR". The transmission power is set to 15 kW and testing done from 13 February 1984 to 18 February 1984. The signal is very weak and one is hardly heard in London. Only on March 4, 1984 which store the transmitter again to check its condition. One decides to wait for higher masts. It was the last broadcast of LASER 730

In May 1984 the station started broadcasting on 558khz as Laser 558.

All Europe Radio Laser 558

In May 1984 Laser 558 appeared from the radio ship MV Communicator anchored in the North Sea. Its All American DJ's soon attracted a cult audience of 10 million loyal listeners. Independent Local radio stations were not only losing listeners but advertising revenue as well.

Laser 558 always disputed the "pirate" tag and in a press release from the New York Office Roy Lindau President of MMI,the Worldwide Sales Group for the station stated "that unlike other pirate stations of the past Laser 558 is a legal station, since the ship is registered outside of Europe, transmits from International Waters, is owned by a Panamanian company and staffed and supplied by citizens of The United States Of America.

Big American Personalities became household names all over Europe. Jessie Brandon, Rick Harris, David Lee Stone, Steve Masters, Holly Michaels, Craig Novak, Chris Carson,Tommy Rivers and of course Charlie Wolf.